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UNISync 5G-A for Telecom Network Synchronization
SSU/TSG for Central Office BITS Applications


The US5G-A is currently deployed as the telecom network sync Master clock in major carrier networks both in the U. S. and around the world. It has been installed in hundreds of operating Central Office sites including high traffic CO’s in major metropolitan locations.








These carrier network operators chose the US5G-A for its strict adherence to exacting performance standards as well as its obvious integration of user friendly operational control features which enable both ease of installation and simplicity in operation and maintenance.The US5G-A was also selected based on a rigorous process of testing and validation by third party evaluators such as Telcordia Labs.

This advanced telecom timing clock is field tested with many years and millions of cumulative hours of flawless performance providing reliable timing service to large, high traffic network operations.
Its comprehensive network synchronization functions have continuously evolved to include plug-in modules for NTP Time Server modules as well as IEEE-1588 PTP Grand Master Server modules operating within the ITU 8265.1 telecom timing profile. The US5G shelf chassis will accommodate multiple module installations of either NTP or PTP time servers capable of providing time code service to thousands of network clients. The plug-in NTP or PTP time server modules will operate in either a redundantly paired configuration or as a single module non-redundant server. One of the advantages of hosting a PTP Grand Master on the BITS shelf is the ability of the high quality on board oscillators to maintain stability and accuracy when in holdover. The US5G-A offers SSU/TSG functional performance and operator features unmatched by competitive systems.

Total Software Management means that this system is the first telecom network sync clock to minimize dedicated hardware assemblies, and to eliminate jumpers, plug-on signal combiners or switches to configure telecom signal formats - either inbound or outbound. The US5G-A is able to supply ALL common TDM sync requirements in a single telecom timing solution - DS1, E1, and Composite Clock - plus time code server modules for NTP and PTP. In addition, all software management interfaces are remotely accessible via TCP/IP LAN allowing full utilization of the Central Network Operations Center (CNOC) for alarm monitoring, remote trouble shooting, and trouble resolution.

The UNISync 5G-A operates with Intel™ microprocessors on the COM and both IOP modules. The Com module is the primary home for all system databases, but DB integrity is ensured with a continuous back up to both IOP modules. Microprocessors on the output modules enable provisioning and alarm management to the port level. All module functions including software downloads for the NTP/PTP servers, can be remotely administered through the shelf Ethernet port.

The US5G-A is the optimal solution for telecom network synchronization.

   Product Specifications  
 UNISync 5G-A Shelf Modules:


 Power Supply Modules:
  • Dual load sharing
  • Each receives power from a dedicated back panel power input
  • Automatic redundancy in case of
    module failure
  • Front panel fuses and power status LED's
 Communication Module:
  • UNISync 5G-A System CPU
  • System Communications Controller -
    BOTH external and internal Com processes
  • Provides system TL-1 Agent
  • Manages all system security processes
  • Manages all DB storage, access, and synchronization with IOP back up
 Input/Output/Processor (IOP) Module:
  • Dual Clock Modules
  • Input Capacity - up to 10 inputs
  • Dual System DB Back Up to the
    Com module
 Output Module:
  • Paired in adjacent slots for 1 to 1
    output protection
  • Outputs are software assignable
    for DS-1/CC
  • Inventory Port Assignments in Software
  • Alarm visibility to the port level
 NTP Client/Server Module:
  • Slot compatible - Install in any slot
    Main or Expansion
  • Back Panel I/O Fixture adapts to existing DB-25 sockets
  • Gigabit Ethernet Interface
  • NTP v4.2.4
 PTP IEEE-1588 Grand Master Module:
  • Slot compatible - Install in any slot
    Main or Expansion
  • Back Panel I/O Fixture plugs into the existing DB-25 sockets
  • Defaulted to the ITU-8265.1 telecom profile
  • Gigabit Ethernet Optical SFP - Front
  • Electrical Outputs - Rear
 Input / Output Capacity:


 UNISync 5G-A Inputs:
  • Termination - Wire wrap on back panel
  • Bridged - Each input to both IOP modules
  • Inputs are software assignable CC, DS1 (SF/ESF), E-1, 1, 5, or 10 MHz
  • User Selectable Priority Options - Priority 1 to 10
  • Up to 10 Inputs on each IOP module
  • Selectable SSM activation - Gen 1 or Gen 2
 UNISync 5G-A Outputs:
  • Signal formats DS1 SF/ESF, CC, E1,
    (2.048 Mbps/2.048 MHz), RS-422
  • 40 outputs per module, may be paired for
    1 to1 protection or operate unpaired
  • Main Shelf capacity - 160 outputs
  • Expansion capacity - 4 Expansion Shelves, 320 outputs per shelf
  • Total system capacity - 1440 outputs
 Performance Monitoring:
  • Simultaneous Data Collection on all Inputs
  • Data Metrics - Frequency Offset, TIE, MRTIE, TDEV, LMRTIE
  • Average Periods - from 10 - 100,000 sec.
 Communication and Management:
 Craft/Local Ports:
  • 1 RJ-45 Ethernet
  • 3-pin terminations for output alarms -
    3 Major, 3 Minor (NC/NO)
 Software Interface:
  • Standards compliant TL-1 agent
  • GUI Interface
  • SNMP MIB for network alarm surveillance
 Standards Compliance:
  • NEBS Level III - testing and evaluation by Telcordia Labs
  • All Telcordia GR standards covering TSG'S, oscillators and network equipment - validated by Telcordia Labs

Tested by Telcordia

   UNISync 5G-A Expansion Shelf  

UNISync 5G Expansion Shelf
UNISync 5G-A Expansion Shelf

   UNISync Manager™  -  Graphical User Interface  


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