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UNISync™ GPS Primary Reference Source


The UNISync PRS is a low profile (1U chassis) GPS primary reference source (PRS) that supplies two Stratum 1 timing references to a co-located Central Office BITS clock. It can also be used in a typical Small Office installation to function as a Multiple Output Mini-Timing Distribution Clock. It can provide timing distribution for up to 12 co-located Network Elements when equipped with the optional expansion card. The user can order the PRS with either a standard ST3E Quartz local oscillator or a ST2 Rubidium oscillator for enhanced holdover and filtering capabilities. If the user desires additional redundancy for input references, the PRS can be equipped with one or two Universal Input Daughter cards which will allow external references to be terminated to the PRS. In the event that GPS connectivity is temporarily lost the input reference will automatically switch to whatever Stratum traceable reference is terminated to the clock. Some network operators actually prefer to use their internal network sync references as primary and to rely on the GPS references as the secondary. In any case the options all lie with the user.

The UNISync PRS supplies up to 12 frequency outputs; DS1, Composite Clock, or E1. It also provides NTP or SNTP to network clients. The back panel outputs also include two analog outputs programmable for 1, 5, or 10 MHz, a 1 PPS, and Time of Day.

Fully manageable over IP network links, the input signal formats are software provisionable and the unit supports multiple communications interfaces as well as simultaneous system management or Telnet sessions. The UNISync PRS can be managed in software using either a TL-1 Command Line or a standard Graphical User Interface, providing the user with provisioning flexibility, alarm management, troubleshooting convenience, and system administration functions.

The GPS antenna architecture utilizes a signal frequency down converter normally located near the point of entry of the antenna cable, which comes through a lightening arrestor from the external antenna mount. This architecture allows the converted frequency reference to be transmitted through up to 1,000 feet of RG-59 coax without additional signal amplification required. The system offers an optional sub-rooftop, exterior wall mount antenna.

In short the UNISync PRS is a workhorse GPS reference receiver capable of many years of reliable service. It is currently deployed at carrier networks worldwide to drive telecom network synchronization. Compact, reliable, and featuring software management capabilities common to much more complex and sophisticated network sync systems; this PRS is the foundation timing reference in countless networks.



UNISync™ GPS Primary Reference Source (Rear View)

   Key Features  
  • Low profile case - 1.75 inches high (1U)
  • Software managed: TL-1 Command Line or Graphical User Interface
  • IP LAN/WAN Connectivity
  • Sub-Rooftop Antenna Mount
  • Output Expansion Option - 12 Total DS1, Composite Clock, or E1
  • NTP/SNTP Time of Day Output
  • Auxiliary Outputs - 1 PPS, 1, 5, and 10 MHz
  • IRIG B Adaptable
   Product Specifications  
 Standards Compliance:
  • GR-2830 when operating as a Primary Reference Source
  • NEBS Level 3
 Communication Ports:
  • Two RS-232 Local Craft
  • Ethernet Data Communications
 Software Interface:
  • TL-1 Command Line
  • Graphical User Interface
 Physical Terminations:
  • Permanent Back Panel WW Connections
  • BNC Connections for PPS, Analog and
    IRIG B
  • RJ-45 for TOD and Ethernet IP Network Interface
  • GPS Reference
  • Signal tracking for 12 satellites
 Optional External Timing Inputs:
  • 1 or 2 Software Select DS-1/E-1/Analog
    - DS-1 Options: SF/ESF/SSM
    - E-1 Options: 2 Mbit/s or 2 MHz
    - Analog Options: 1, 5, or 10 MHz
 Standard Outputs:
  • Two DS-1 Software Select for SF/ESF/SSM
  • Optional Internal Expansion for 10
    additional outputs:
    - 10 DS-1
    - 4 DS-1 & 6 CC
    - 10 E-1 - User option for G703/4 or
       2.048 MHz
 Auxiliary Outputs:
  • 1 PPS from BNC
  • 2 User Programmable 1/5/10 MHz
  • 1 Optional IRIG-B
  • 1 Time of Day (TOD) Output
 GPS Operation:
  • Exterior Wall or Rooftop Antenna Mounting
  • Up to 1,000 ft. of RG-59 Co-axial Cable
  • Width - 17.2 in.
  • Depth - 13.00 in.
  • Height - 1.75 in.
  • Dual Redundant -48 VDC
 Operating Environmental:
  • Temperature: -5C to 50C
   UNISync Manager™  -  Graphical User Interface  

UNISync Manager GUI


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